作詞:Keisuke kuwata/作曲:Southern All Stars& Paul Fox/編曲:サザンオールスターズ


Smiles can hide the tears that eyes persued
Holding back the pleasure of the mood
Afraid to show emotion
I walk the danger zone
And live my love alone

By command I turn the hands of time
And review the past I left behind
Torn between the pages
What have I become
Can I still love someone?

*Every man can build a wall that never tumbles down
 I'd rather take a stand on sentimental ground
 All I need is the power to persuade
 And the sound of a serenade

It's sentimental now what I've been thinking of
It's sentimental now god everything but love

I realize what compromise can do
Tenderness is a breaking point for two
I'll search and when I find it
The hurt and pain I've known
Will leave the danger zone


Love's a sentimental interlude
Love is sentimental........